Irish Folk mit Martin Hutchinson

20. April 2018 um 19:30
Alte Synagoge Schweich
10 €, Jugendl. 5 €, AK 11 €
Kultur in Schweich e.V.

Martin Hutchinson ist ein kraftvoller Künstler. Sänger, Songwriter, Erzähler. Gleichsam erhabene und transparente Gitarrenklänge erwarten das Publikum. Der Irländer macht es seinem Publikum sofort klar, wo er steht: hochentwickelte Musikalität und bildreiche Erzählungen von alltäglichen und ungewöhnlichen Ereignissen, die sich in seinen Liedern ausdrücken.


Martin Hutchinson was born into a musical family in Co.Kildare, Ireland. Martin began playing accordeon in his father’s family band but later turned to the guitar. After playing in various bands and projects, including first rock and roll musicial in the Irish language Martin took the solo trail. He has released four solo Cd’s which all received excellent reviews in national papers and music magazines in Ireland, Holland and Belgium.
Herman Van Der Horst – Dutch music journalist who has recieved a national award for his work – perceives Hutchinson as “a restless drifter and an engaged observer with an origional and unique music style”.
By way of his songs, his voice, his tune-driven fingerpicking and slide-guitar, Martin takes his audience on a beautiful trip through the worlds of folk, ballads, and blues.


“Martin Hutchinson is an Irish singer/songwriter and guitarist who offers solid Irish roots music par excellence.”
John O Regan …Irish Music magazine…Irl

“ A number of well-crafted-original songs….Hutchinson’s fine folky fingerpicking and bluesy slide playing are more than enough to keep the listener interested”
Evening Herald Irl

“This collection of self-penned tracks is a joy to discover. The songs are well written with gentle accompaniment ideally suited to the sentiments so vividly expressed”
Irish Music Magazine Irl

“Melodic folk (..) whereby his touching and humane observations are expressed strickingly in directly worded lyrics. Twelve “beauty-songs” framed with flowing slide- and lush guitar work ..”
OOR Music Magazine NL

“Charisma, strong music sensibility and fine lyrics make Martin Hutchinson a ‘singer-songwriting force’ to be reckoned with”
New Folk Sounds NL

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